The Euphoria ensemble was created by Aidar Gainullin in 2010. Performing in the most prestigious concert halls, as well as on the central channels of Russian television, the Euphoria ensemble has already conquered a multimillion audience. The best musicians, the winners of international competitions perform in the ensamble, namely: Polina Kondratkova (piano), Alexander Muravyov (double bass), Svetlana Otnoosnaya (violin), Roman Zorkin (guitar), Sergey Shamov (drums). An ensemble whose repertoire organically consists of flamenco, tango, latino and music for films, enriched with modern sound and unrestrained powerful energy. High professionalism and virtuosity ensures true success with the audience.
The EUPHORIA Ensemble
Syberia. In the Taiga, in an abandoned village, an old man and his grandson are waiting for the boy's father, who is unlikely to return. A husband and wife are raising three daughters, and this is the only thing that connects them as yet. The captain, a participant of two Caucasian wars, is trying to find his place in a restful life. The fates of these heroes will be intertplaited unexpectedly and dramatically. They will need to make their choices over and over again, discovering a forgotten humanity and compassion.

Mercy is above justice.
"Syberia. Monamore" Movie
"Oxygen" is a video film consisting of ten musical - dramatic compositions.
Each composition has its own theme and heroes.
Back in the day, the play created by Ivan Vyrypaev based on the play "Oxygen", received all the prestigious theater awards, including the Golden Mask, and come to be seen in the history of the theater as a manifesto of a new drama of the thirty year old generation.
The instincts and the feeling that Ivan Vyrypaev
explores, so boldly if not audaciously, do live in the depths of every man and every woman.

This is a new Russian movie about love, unexpected and merciless, blind. This film effects with the strongest emotional impact on the audience. One looking for thrills will get an exciting love & criminal intrigue, and the esthetes will see the real art
"Euphoria" is an another attempt to reveal the secret of an unguided soul.
"Euphoria" Movie