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Aydar Gaynullin: "I play hits of Rammstein on button accordione (bayan)"

The world-renowned accordionist Aydar Gaynullin, together with the orchestra of the "Asya kya" ensemble, will give a concert "Rhythms of Passion" (6+) on October 18. On the eve of the performance, the BNK editors talked with the artist about how rock makes people perceive folk instruments in a different way, about friendship with the famous pianist Denis Matsuev, as well as about how the musicians of the republican philharmonic society can impress.

Aydar Gaynullin is a world-renowned accordion player, vocalist and composer, author of music for the films "Oxygen", "Siberia. Monamur "," Euphoria ".

- This visit to Syktyvkar is not the first for you. You came here as a child, right?

- It really was in childhood. I took part in the project of the New Names charitable foundation together with my friend pianist Denis Matsuev (now he is the president of the foundation - BNK comment). I don't remember the details, it was a concert by the foundation. With him, we have traveled almost the whole world, and even exotic countries - Malaysia, Thailand, India. Thanks to this fund, Denis Matsuev and I are still friends. There was a time when he first showed me how to play jazz elements.

- Denis Matsuev came to Syktyvkar for a concert in December 2018, performed with the artists of the Komi Opera and Ballet Theater. Now you are here, but you are preparing a program with our other famous team - "Asyakya" - for its 80th anniversary. Have you collaborated with them before?

- The first meeting with the collective was at a rehearsal before the concert on October 16. I was not familiar with the musicians before, but it was an absolute delight. Everything worked out, as they say, from the first take. There was no need to rehearse, just go to the concert. It can be seen that your team is very professional. The main thing is that the artists love music and enjoy the performance.

- The concert is called Rhythms of Passion. How will he surprise the viewer?

- The program will be varied. Mainly my compositions will sound, including music from the films "Euphoria", "Oxygen", "Siberia. Mon amyr". But it will not be in its pure form, but reworked for such a non-standard composition. Your orchestra is not only folk instruments such as balalaika, domra, but also bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer. It is versatile and can work with different instruments and genres, for example, the string ensemble "Inspiration" will join us on stage. There are great musicians here, they really inspire with their desire to perform. We will play compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Vivaldi, Tatar folk melodies.

- The button accordion is classified as a folk instrument. How difficult is it for a bayan musician to go beyond the folk repertoire?

- It is necessary to perform not a pure folk repertoire, but a modified, fresh one so that it is perceived somehow differently.

- How do you, for example, approach this?

- Recently I started playing the hits of legendary rock bands, for example, Rammstein, Nirvana, The Prodigy, Queen, on the accordion. I have an unusual instrument: in addition to the acoustic sound, there is a special button that turns on the midisystem. I can synthesize electronic sounds, combine them with live sound. When I played with the symphony orchestra at the open-air in Ingolstadt (Germany) and started playing rock, the audience just opened their mouths. They did not expect that it would be possible to perform such a repertoire on a folk instrument. This is a truly revolutionary approach, it radically changes the perception of this tool. People stop thinking that only Valenki can be played on it.

- Komi is a national republic. For us, performing folk music is a kind of visiting card. Should artists modernize it in order to be more in demand with the audience, as you do?

- It depends on what audience you expect. Of course, you need to preserve the original sound. Following the example of my Tatar people, I know that many are beginning to modernize compositions so much that only Tatar words remain, and everything else - the soul of the people, the color - disappears. You have to be very careful with this case, you need a measure. It seems to me that you only need to make an ethnic program in order to travel abroad. Foreigners love that. Modern sound is needed to pull up young people. In addition, you probably won't surprise anyone with the traditional manner, so you need to come up with interesting combinations, invite performers from other genres.

- Do you plan any joint projects with the Philharmonic after the concert?

- After the first rehearsal, I suggested that the conductor do concerts in Germany, since I have my own festival at the Berlin Philharmonic. It would be interesting to make a joint project, to show your national flavor.